Victor Sterpu victor at ambra.ro
Fri Apr 4 16:53:11 UTC 2008

For desktop use Ubuntu is great.

I used a laptop for a few weeks and I had a bad surprise.

It works good only with Vista because only Vista knows how to cool it 

I tryed XP, Ubuntu 7.10, 8 alpha and Vista and only Vista knows how to 
cool it properly.

The laptop is a Toshiba and this is a fact that I found it on a Toshiba 

It is weired how Toshiba chooses to promote Vista.

lm-sensors can't find the cpu fan and the temperature is 100 degrees 

So I had to quit using Ubuntu on that laptop. : (

Toshiba will deffenetly not be my choice for a laptop.

Avi Schwartz wrote:

> Shuai Yu wrote:
>> intel 3945 pro wireless should work fine in ubuntu. If you have the 
>> new kernel and it still does not work properly, you could report the 
>> problem so programmer would know this issue and try to solve the 
>> problem. Otherwise, nobody could really help you there.
> I have to wonder about something.  I received my laptop yesterday and 
> promptly replaced Vista with 8.04.  I did have a problem with the 
> proprietary drivers manager that kept crashing when I tried to enable 
> the Nvidia driver.  I did not report it since I was offered to send the 
> crash report by the system.  Should I follow it up with an actual report 
> or is the crash report sent by the system enough?
> Avi

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