Recognizing Drives

Fri Apr 4 10:53:08 UTC 2008

De: Joseph
Enviado el: mar 01/04/2008 18:19
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Asunto: Re: Recognizing Drives

Robert Perry wrote:
>> I have an old machine running Ubuntu 6.06 with an internal SCSI ZIP
> drive and it works perfectly.  

>Interface?  I just hooked it up, booted the computer, XP found the new hardware and installed the
drivers....   then it was recognized and usable.  That's the only thing I have with Ubuntu....   all
the codes...   After about 15 years of being online, I'm still trying to get used to HTML....   <grin>

I think Linux desktops (freedesktops) would  use the message: "new hardware found" and use generic (or customized ) drivers.


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