[ubuntu-users] Second of several questions

Rich Rudnick rich at aphroneo.net
Thu Apr 3 23:04:39 UTC 2008

Ted Hilts wrote:
> Rich Rudnick wrote:
> I used "mount" all by itself to see and compare each line.
> I also used "ls -l /media/sde1/".
> I did not attempt any mounting actions on the physical disks.
> I assumed the contents of /etc/fstab would immediately make the updates 
> (you suggested) as a result of the single "mount" and the "ls" command. 
> So I did not shutdown and power back up. BTW, a week or so ago I had 
> tried altering the user and permissions on the files themselves using 
> chmod and chown and these changes also did not take. In all cases I used 
> "sudo" and then the commands.

simply typing mount will only show the current mounting situation, not 
affect how things are mounted. '  mount -a ' will cause the /etc/fstab 
to be read, and mount any unmounted devices.

For kicks, just to see how it will affect you:

sudo umount /dev/sde1
sudo mount -o defaults,uid=ted,gid=ted,umask=007 /dev/sde1 /media/sde1

If this works, then make the changes to /etc/fstab to make them permanent.

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