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Owen Townend owen.townend at gmail.com
Thu Apr 3 12:50:30 UTC 2008

On 03/04/2008, Ted Hilts <thilts at mcsnet.ca> wrote:
> In order to try ubuntu I set up a dual boot with Ubuntu and XP.  Soon
> after, I was using Ubuntu  with special downloads and Firefox add-ons
> for most of my more important tasks. Before I installed Ubuntu on an 80
> Gig partition I had been using the XP machine's hard drives (C
> drv,DVDrw, and 6 hard drives in a SCSI configuration) to store
> backup's.  I still want to do this backup function using some of the
> hard drives but under Ubuntu not under XP.  I also want to keep the dual
> boot arrangement for the time being.
> My problem is the ntfs hard drives.  Anything I store on them under
> Ubuntu operations looks like:
> -rwxrwx--- 2 root plugdev   371386 2006-07-08 22:18 xinha-latest.zip
> This is okay for local machine disk operations but other XP machines
> cannot do write and execute access to these ntfs hard drives operating
> under Ubuntu.  These hard drives need to be set up as shares. When using
> XP OS they are declared as shares but when using Ubuntu OS they cannot
> be declared as shares -- or so it seems to me. So in order to do this it
> seems I have to reformat any ntfs hard drives in a Linux format (or
> fat32) in order to use them as "shares" under Ubuntu operation.  I have
> with other Linux systems stored XP and other Windows backups. I cannot
> be sure that this was done without some hidden problems
> My question is based on the above.  What is the best Linux file system
> which would support the storing both Linux and Windows(95,98,XP)
> backups???  And....is there any real problem in moving files back and
> forth from one file system to a different file system as I am planning
> to do??? Have I missed something important???
> Any help would be appreciated.
> Thanks, Ted
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  ext3 is a good sound choice, and for dual boot there are windows drivers
available[1] which I have had success with.


[1] http://www.fs-driver.org/
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