[ubuntu-users] Second of several questions

Ted Hilts thilts at mcsnet.ca
Thu Apr 3 03:12:47 UTC 2008

In order to try ubuntu I set up a dual boot with Ubuntu and XP.  Soon 
after, I was using Ubuntu  with special downloads and Firefox add-ons 
for most of my more important tasks. Before I installed Ubuntu on an 80 
Gig partition I had been using the XP machine's hard drives (C 
drv,DVDrw, and 6 hard drives in a SCSI configuration) to store 
backup's.  I still want to do this backup function using some of the 
hard drives but under Ubuntu not under XP.  I also want to keep the dual 
boot arrangement for the time being.

My problem is the ntfs hard drives.  Anything I store on them under 
Ubuntu operations looks like:
-rwxrwx--- 2 root plugdev   371386 2006-07-08 22:18 xinha-latest.zip

This is okay for local machine disk operations but other XP machines 
cannot do write and execute access to these ntfs hard drives operating 
under Ubuntu.  These hard drives need to be set up as shares. When using 
XP OS they are declared as shares but when using Ubuntu OS they cannot 
be declared as shares -- or so it seems to me. So in order to do this it 
seems I have to reformat any ntfs hard drives in a Linux format (or 
fat32) in order to use them as "shares" under Ubuntu operation.  I have 
with other Linux systems stored XP and other Windows backups. I cannot 
be sure that this was done without some hidden problems

My question is based on the above.  What is the best Linux file system 
which would support the storing both Linux and Windows(95,98,XP) 
backups???  And....is there any real problem in moving files back and 
forth from one file system to a different file system as I am planning 
to do??? Have I missed something important???

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, Ted

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