Firewall with Ubuntu

Joseph ubuntu at
Wed Apr 2 16:27:00 UTC 2008

Derek Broughton wrote:
> Joseph wrote:
>> I wasn't aware of that.  So with all due respect, what is the
>> difference between the one that's already programs into Ubuntu and the
>> front end firewall program?<br>
>> I'm just curious why anything else would be offered by Ubuntu is what
>> they have is absolutely enough.<br>
> Please don't post in html.
> I haven't read the article, but the "default" in Ubuntu is not a firewall
> (though iptables is there and available) - it's to not leave any ports
> open.
> Once you start opening ports for various services, it becomes more useful to
> configure iptables.

Derek, I apologize for the HTML....   I'm still getting things adjusted after my re-installation.

I have installed Shorewall....   now if I can find out where it was put in my menus, I might be ok....

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