Recognizing Drives

Robert Perry k6gdi at
Tue Apr 1 05:51:50 UTC 2008

I have an old machine running Ubuntu 6.06 with an internal SCSI ZIP 
drive and it works perfectly.  I also am running Ubuntu 7.04 on my main 
new machine with an external SCSI ZIP drive and it also works perfectly.
What kind of interface did you use on the Windows machine?  Could your 
drive be a parallel interface?  I have not tried one of those on a Linux 

Joseph wrote:
> I have an Iomega Zip Plus drive whiich worked well on a windows XP 
> system.  My Ubuntu doesn't seem to want to "see" or recognize it.
> Is it possible for me to get Ubuntu to recognize my Zip Drive???
> Joseph Snurr
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