minimum RAM for Ubuntu

NoOp glgxg at
Tue Apr 1 01:17:30 UTC 2008

On 03/31/2008 05:35 PM, Hilary Naylor wrote:
> I'm trying to install Ubuntu (or Edubuntu) on a Dell latitude CPt laptop 
> that was donated to my school. The installation stalls at the point where 
> there is a brown rectangle on the screen and the icon for Nautilus appears. 
> The laptop has only 129MB RAM (and a 6GB hard disk). Is this the reason it 
> is stalling? Is there a minimal version of Ubuntu I could use? I am afraid 
> that more RAM for the laptop will be too expensive.


You will need to use the Alternate CD to install on a system with that
amount of memory - the Live CD won't work as it can't fully load into
memory properly.

6GB of hard drive would be just barely enough to install & run a few
things, but after that you won't be able to add much of anything. You
really need around 8GB for anything useful other than headless server
software, or a lighter distro.

I have Ubuntu running on two old laptpops:

1. IBM ThinkPad A21M 800Mhz w/128Mb of RAM.
2. LapNote 350Mhz w/128Mb of RAM.

Both are pretty darn slow, but I actually have Ubuntu Hardy Beta running
on both. Cost of old laptop memory is crazy - to add a 256MB PC100 144
dim to my A21M would cost me $60... yet you can get 1GB of new memory
for the same price... so I wait. I recommend that you visit your local
RAFT ( and see if you can get some added memory, or
preferably a more up-to-date laptop.

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