Problemes with virtual desktops on gutsy

Mihamina (R12y) Rakotomandimby mihamina.rakotomandimby at
Sat Sep 29 14:16:59 UTC 2007

Nils wrote:
> Hi all

Hi you

> I just installed the gutsy beta some hours ago and everything worked
> fine. Also compiz worked out of the box, congratulations! :)
> However I have a problem with configuring the number of virtual
> desktop. Instead of the 2 default I would like to have 4. I found it
> NOWHERE (right click on the desktop thing in the right corner should
> do it I think..). However somebody in the #ubuntu channel told me
> that's in the advanced compiz settings, which is not installed by
> default.. So there is in this beta NO WAY TO ADJUST THE NUMBER OF

Without compiz activated, you can modify it. It's a GNOME setting (not 
purely compiz).
Then, when compiz is activated, you have virtual desktop inside the 
workspace (wich is somehow a virtual thing...).
I noticed that because I use the Cube, and in fact, I have one cube per 

> Also i noticed that you can't use the windows key in the gnome
> shortcuts, unless you configure your keyboard. The windows key should
> work by default i think.

On my laptop, it's used as the "super" key, in the "super + E" for the 

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