Starting ubuntu in text-mode

Rashkae ubuntu at
Fri Sep 28 17:23:26 UTC 2007

Neil Cherry wrote:
> Sauro Cesaretti wrote:
>> Hello everyone,
>> I'm a new user of ubuntu.
>> I've just installed ubuntu 7.04 and I'd like to set the startup in text 
>> mode.
>> I was thinking  to change the runlevel but I didn't find the inittab 
>> file in /etc.
>> What is that?
>> How can I do this change?
>> And which runlevel should I set to start in text mode?
>> Thanks for information
>> Best regards, Sauro
> The 'standard' for text mode has been level 3 but I can't find the
> inittab so I don't know where to start.

That would be the "Red Hat" Standard.  In default Debian, there is only 
   one full multi-user run level (I think they use 2, but memory is kind 
of faulty on the subtect).. If you wanted a runlevel for GUI and one for 
text, you'd have to create them yourself.

That's only useful if you intend to switch between them at boot time.. 
if all you want is revert to Text login, simply remove gdm from start-up 
services.  Note that you can swtich to a text login conole at time time 
even with GDM runny by using the Ctl-Alt-F1 key combo.

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