Evolution to Thunderbird

das dasd.here at gmail.com
Fri Sep 28 03:04:33 UTC 2007

Syed wrote:
> Hi I installed Thunderbird, since I wanted to change from Evolution.How
> do I change all my mails, settings, profiles from Evolution to
> Thunderbird. 
> ....And one more thing, If I want to access my Windoze, can I configure
> Thunderbird in Windoze in such a manner that Thunderbird in both Ubuntu
> and Windoze are synchronised at the same time???

Very recently I did the same thing: changing from Evolution to 
Thunderbird. And I could not import anything. There were a lot of 
problems. The version of Thunderbird that is given in the distro is 
not compatible with the 'import' add-on from the Thunderbird page. And 
there was another problem for me too, I use Indic fonts (particularly 
Bangla) quite a lot. And the Thunderbird version in Ubuntu 7.04 unlike 
the one in Gutsy does not support Indic fonts. And so I did 'apt-get 
remove' on it. But this version, 3.0a of Thunderbird is not again 
compatible with the import filter, it is too new. So it did not work 
again. So, I deleted the .evolution folder from ~. I started 
downloading it from gmail, after making 'enable pop to everything 
(even what I downloaded before)'. But, that did not work too. Got a 
lot of links on problems of Gmail pop. Gmail does not allow a lot of 
pop download together. It is done in a piecemeal construction, more 
like how the Great Wall of China was made, day after day, maybe year 
after year for a large mail repository. And so many millions of times 
I did try it, never even reaching midway of 2006, let alone 2007. 
Hence, I clicked back gmail setting to 'pop from now on' and started 
Thunderbirding without any imported mail, without any imported setting 
or addressbook from Evolution or even gmail account. So what now I am 
doing is flip-flop between browser and client, the gmail account open 
in the browser for copy and paste of id-s and all. Though the 
Thunderbird experience is much much better to Evolution.

Not that this mail would ever help you in any way, but, at least, as 
one Hindi saying goes, share happiness, it multiplies, and share 
sadness, it depletes.


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