VPN connection question

NoOp glgxg at sbcglobal.net
Wed Sep 26 17:42:32 UTC 2007

On 09/25/2007 10:08 PM, Patton Echols wrote:
> On 09/25/2007 09:34 PM, Gary Jarrel wrote:
>> To be honest, I do not use the Network Manager for VPN connections. So
>> if it's noty vital for you and you can get away with using PPTP then I
>> would recommend pptpconfig.
> Well, I'd rather continue using NM.  Unless I can use NM to set up the 
> wireless connection and some other method to create the tunnel.  If so, 
> I saw an article on the openswan website that makes an IPSec connection 
> look possible.

Does NM support IPsec well?


You might have a look at kvpnc as a front-end for openswan or racoon


The BEFSX41 only supports PPTP passthrough:

 I use BEFVP41's. Trick is that I use them on both ends, so no VPN
client/server software is required on either side. I learned a long time
ago that messing with the various flavors of VPN clients just wasn't
worth my time, so I have the client spend the added $125 or so to put a
BEFVP41 if hardwired or BEFSX41 if wireless on their side. After that
it's simply a matter of setting up a dynamic DNS so I can find them (all
are on DSL) and the VPN in the routers. Just make sure that your
firmware is up to date. That, of course, doesn't help you roaming via a
laptop - too bad Linksys didn't implement a PCMCIA wireless version with
built in client for the laptop.

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