ATI or nVidia

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Wed Sep 26 15:51:43 UTC 2007

I think you are crossing machines. This current machine has a PCI-e card at
16x. It is actually a 7600 GS not 7800. My old machine had the 8x agp but
the ATI card could only do 4x. So I ran it as 4x and had much better
performance than this current nVidia card with 512 MB DDR2. The ATI only had
32 MB of RAM. My belief is that with an OS as nice as Ubuntu, the
installation program should ask if one wants to use the restricted drivers
and then probe the system to achieve the desired resolution and optimum
performance the hardware can stably withstand. It also should not clutter
the xorg.conf file with hardware that does not exist such as a Wacom input
device. If they don't want to use restricted drivers, so be it. It should
still maximize video performance with the opensource version. In any
respect, the Installation system could test different configurations until a
satisfactory one is achieved. Currently, if it fails to load I get something
that reminds me of some other OS notorious "Blue Screen of Death" only

On 9/26/07, Rashkae <ubuntu at> wrote:
> Robert Stockdale IV wrote:
> > Yes I did use the Restricted driver. The default was nv and I changed
> that
> > to nvidia. I tried using configuration tools as well as editing
> > xorg.conf manually. Maybe it is a defective card. I did use
> > acceleration, but not
> > completely. It was not responsive and it would crash.
> > Bob
> >
> This might (probably) has nothing to do with your problem, but I offer
> it as food for thought.
> I once had an AGP Nvidia card that would *not* work stable at 8X AGP
> (even though it was supposed to support it.)
> Unfortunately, with the design of the nvidia drivers, the only way to
> force it down to 4X was by editing the source.  The procedure was well
> documented in the nvidia documentation, but still *way* beyond the call
> of reasonable for most end users.
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