VPN connection question

Patton Echols p.echols at comcast.net
Wed Sep 26 03:44:45 UTC 2007

On 09/25/2007 07:28 PM, Gary Jarrel wrote:
> What kind of a VPN are you trying to set up a PPTP or a IPSec? From
> your description I can gather that it's a IPSec but you are also
> mentioning PPTP tunneling?

Uhhh, yes?  I understand the theory, but not the details. 

The router says it supports both.  What I want is a tunnel of some 
description that will allow me access to the office network so that I 
can remote into my office computer. 

As I said, the router claims that PPTP and IPSec are "enabled" Looking 
at the Network Manager PPTP plugin, it asks for information that I can't 
gather from the router (and the router does not allow me to change) None 
of the other plugins seem to ask for the info that I can set. 

> Gary
> On 9/26/07, Patton Echols <p.echols at comcast.net> wrote:
>> I am attempting to set up VPN ability from my laptop to my office network.
>> Laptop : Runs Ubuntu Feisty, Network Manager 0.6.4 with
>> network-manager-openvpn, network-manager-pptp and network-manager-vpnc
>> plugins installed.
>> Office Network: Serverless peer network behind a Linksys BEFSX41 Router
>> (firmware version 1.52.15)
>> The router has settings to enable IPSec, PPPoE and PPTP.  All are enabled.
>> Encryption is set to 3DES and Authentication is MD5
>> Key Management is set to "Auto (IKE)", PFS enabled and there is a
>> Pre-Shared Key set.
>> In trying to set up a VPN in Network Manager, I don't see options that
>> look like any of these, or any of the other options.
>> Does anyone know what settings I should feed to which plugin?
>> Anyone know if there is another plugin I need - and where to get it?
>> Anyone have experience with this router and able to get it to work?
>> Thanks for all thoughts.
>> BTW, if your suggestion is to ask the office network admin, I am the
>> owner, laborer, chief cook and bottle-washer . . .and all that we have
>> for an admin.
>> Thanks again,
>> Patton
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