operation of file copy is very slow

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Tue Sep 25 13:15:05 UTC 2007

Mario Vukelic wrote:

> On Mon, 2007-09-24 at 14:40 -0700, hong zhang wrote:
>> 00:02.0 USB controller: Ali Corporation USB 1.1
>> Controler (rev 03)
> Ok, so for a 1.1 controller, the speed is normal. Are you sure that it
> should in fact work with USB 2.0 speed? How long does the file copy need
> on Fedora?
>> Should I upgrade driver for my USB controller?
> Which Ubuntu version are you using?

More to the point, I think, is the Fedora install actually on the same
hardware?  I'm suspecting that it's not...

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