2007 Google Summer of Code in Ubuntu - project results

Matthias Klose doko at ubuntu.com
Mon Sep 24 17:17:33 UTC 2007

The 2007 Google Summer of Code is over, and most projects mentored by
Ubuntu are successfully completed with the code finding the way into
the forthcoming Ubuntu gutsy or harty releases. Congratulations to the
successful students and many thanks to their mentors! See


This year Ubuntu did start with 20 single projects, 13 projects were
completed successfully (for two projects the mentors were not entirely
happy with the results), two students did drop out of the project,
because they did find a/another job for this time. All students who
did pass the midterm evaluation did pass the final evaluation as well.

In six of the seven unfinished projects the students were unknown to
their mentors, as reasons for not continuing the project were given
personal things and unforeseen time constraints (i.e. exams).

To wrap up this SoC we'll have a short meeting on irc (freenode) in
the #ubuntu-meeting channel on Oct 1, 17:00 UTC for students and
mentors. Everybody else is welcome as well.

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