only one instance of scite (text editor)

Charlie Kravetz cjk at
Mon Sep 24 00:51:49 UTC 2007

On Sun, 2007-09-23 at 17:15 +0200, WolfgangZ wrote:
> Hi,
> how can I force that only one instance of scite ist used when double 
> clicking on text files. It is annoying to get for each file a own 
> instance of scite.
> Many thanks
> Wolfgang
> PS: an other annoyance is that ALT+leftMouse moves the window. In scite 
> this is used to mark columns. Where is definded that this command moves 
> windows (a feature that I dont need).
I can't answer the scite question, but in Dapper (Ubuntu 6.06), using
Gnome desktop, going to System, Preferences, Windows lets you pick what
key to use to move the window. I recall seeing a similar selection in
Xfce desktop.

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