Blank Screen:

Bill Marcum marcumbill at
Mon Sep 24 00:05:17 UTC 2007

On Sat, 22 Sep 2007 10:41:34 -0400, Walter G Carter 
  <waltergc at> wrote:
> When trying to down load ubnutu from a CD as a Boot the program starts
> and after several screens of files downloaded the computer screen goes
> blank and nothing appears to continue.  
> The CD is being download on a Dell 2400 Dimension.  Will UBNUTU download
> on a dell program using windows xp?
> Thanks for any help:
> Walter
Are you saying the screen goes blank while downloading the CD, before
you burn it and boot it?  Could it be your screen saver? Try pressing
a key or moving the mouse every few minutes.

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