Partioning on new installation

ac "aec$news" at
Sun Sep 23 11:01:06 UTC 2007

ac wrote:
> gks wrote:
>> After rebooting and going forward with selecting install it 
>> processes up to portioning whereas it appears cryptic in 
>> verbiage. I don't want to overwrite my existing windows data/os 
>> basically its a 60 gig drive with just windows on it now and the 
>> Ubuntu states it wants to partition 2 areas one being a swap 
>> area. I guess i need an explanation on what it is going to do in 
>> relation to data already on disk.
> Different versions of Ubuntu Live CD have some slightly different 
> wording just before partitioning. Which version do you have, 7.04 
> maybe?

I believe version 6.10 Ubuntu live CD install options do not include a
graphical re size, but
'Erase partition and install ubuntu'.

So if you wish to use this version, you will need to *first* resize
the windows partition yourself, which can be easily done using the
Ubuntu Live CD facility of
System>Administration>GNOME Partition Editor
to resize your windows partition, leaving uncommitted space on the
hard drive.
Then you can use the appropriate install option in the live cd.

> What is the cryptic verbiage which you would like explained?

For Ubuntu version 7.04:

> The process of installation which I am guessing is appropriate for 
> you includes re sizing the windows partition, which can be done 
> automatically in the install process. Please note that although 
> this is usually safe, if things *do* go wrong then you lose data 
> (windows) bigtime. I trust you have backups of your data? It is 
> worth confirming they are ok. It is good practice to defrag your 
> windows first (I do it twice) and also scandisk.
> Using the Ubuntu version 7.04 live CD:
> from desktop Install icon, after
> language, location, and keyboard,
> the Partitioner will offer choices: - Guided - resize existing 
> partition (graphic slider indicates percentage of available space 
> to be used, and the expected final size of ubuntu space - Guided - 
> use entire disk (erase all existing) - Guided - use largest 
> continuous free space (to use this you need to actually have free 
> space - most probably an unpartitioned space or an unformatted 
> partition - Manual  - very flexible and for experienced users.
> I guess you will want the first option - Guided, resize?
> hth ac


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