I lost My "/home"

jim barnes mail.list.mail at gmail.com
Sat Sep 22 15:58:24 UTC 2007

On Saturday 22 September 2007 07:57:54 Suhendri wrote:
> Hi All..
> My Desktop was ubuntu-edgy installed. I've splitted my harddisk to 3
> partitions, as /, /home and swap file.
> Please help me how to solve my problem.... So i can get all of our files on
> /home folder..

I gather you repartitioned after installing to separate /home to its own 
partition? If so, I would proceed cautiously something like this:

mount                         # to list present mount points
sudo umount /home  # now you have access to your /home files, check!
sudo mkdir /newhome        # because you can only have one /home at a time
sudo mount /dev/xxxx /newhome  # using info from the mount command above
sudo cp -a /home/* /newhome      # make sure directories match after copy!
sudo umount /newhome                 
sudo mount /dev/xxxx /home        # now /home is where is you want it

Log in, make sure it is as expected.
Reboot, make sure it is as expected.

sudo rm -r /newhome      # not needed anymore

Jim Barnes
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