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Brian Fahrlander brian at
Sat Sep 22 02:15:22 UTC 2007

Gary Jarrel wrote:
> Yeah I know of nagios, I just did not want to go through the
> installation process :)
> Cause I'm lazy like that....

    Yeah, I'm lazy like that, too...but I finally figured it out for a 
company I work with.  Nagios is kinda hard to get set up....lots of 
reading; the use of words defining the actions aren't always easy to 
"sink in". I have a similar problem with accounting where "diary" 
"journal" and "ledger" all have different meanings, but mean little to 
me. (Which is why I'm not an accountant...)

    Nagios *is* worth the effort, though. It will let you know the 
moment something goes wrong...but if it's just one host, it's probably 
better to scribble something in Perl or such.

    Cacti is good, too, but it's more for drawing graphs to describe 
performance, not sound an alarm when something's amiss.

    If you'd like to chat about your exact needs, and maybe doing 
something simple in perl for it, let me know, aye?

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