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> On Fri, 2007-09-21 at 02:05 +0200, Markus Schönhaber wrote:
>> Tony Arnold schrieb:
>> > None of what I describe above could be called a virus, but viruses are
>> > not the only threat here!
>> Of course not, you're right.
>> But since the OP asked only about the need of antivirus software, I
>> restricted my self to tat point. In fact, I would have restricted myself
>> even more (i. e. not posted at all) if I hadn't read things I consider
>> to be nonsense and didn't want to let go uncommented.
> That's fair enough. Similarly, I didn't want the OP or anyone else on
> the list to think that Linux was safe just because the virus threat is
> minimal.
>> While the OP seemed to be interested in the desktop user's view, dangers
>> coming from services offered to an untrusted network IMO are a different
>> matter. People offering network services, in my experience, fall in two
>> categories:
>> 1. Those who want (or must) offer them. Them, I'd call sysadmins and
>> expect them to know what they do and how to cope with the danger (which
>> first of all means: knowing that offering a network-accessible service
>> *is* dangerous).
>> 2. Those who don't want to offer them but nevertheless do. Those are
>> either Windows users or plain dumb.
> I agree with all of the above! There is a strong temptation for desktop
> Linux users to offer ssh services because they want remote access to
> their system and that's when the threats I talked about become very
> real.
>> P.S: OK, granted, in real life, there are those who *think* they are
>> sysadmins too.
> Ah! They are the most dangerous! Our place, a university, is full of
> them!
> Regards,
> Tony.

Okay, I found that almost impossible Ubuntu infected by virus.
But we could forward a virus if we receive or sent e-mail.
And threat is not only virus.

Is there any security tools like a firewall
or virus scanner so we can prevent us from forwarding virus.

I knew and I have read a few software in this post.
Thank you.


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