Markus Schönhaber ubuntu-users at
Fri Sep 21 00:05:46 UTC 2007

Tony Arnold schrieb:

> None of what I describe above could be called a virus, but viruses are
> not the only threat here!

Of course not, you're right.
But since the OP asked only about the need of antivirus software, I
restricted my self to tat point. In fact, I would have restricted myself
even more (i. e. not posted at all) if I hadn't read things I consider
to be nonsense and didn't want to let go uncommented.

While the OP seemed to be interested in the desktop user's view, dangers
coming from services offered to an untrusted network IMO are a different
matter. People offering network services, in my experience, fall in two
1. Those who want (or must) offer them. Them, I'd call sysadmins and
expect them to know what they do and how to cope with the danger (which
first of all means: knowing that offering a network-accessible service
*is* dangerous).
2. Those who don't want to offer them but nevertheless do. Those are
either Windows users or plain dumb.


P.S: OK, granted, in real life, there are those who *think* they are
sysadmins too.

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