Markus Schönhaber ubuntu-users at
Thu Sep 20 19:11:06 UTC 2007

Wulfy wrote:

> While this is true, I have yet to see any e-mail malware attachments 
> that can run in a Linux environment.  They all seem to be aimed at 
> Windows. 
> Have I just been lucky?  Have you seen any Linux malware?  While it 
> *could* exist, *I* have never seen any, though I've only been using 
> Linux since Sarge was Debian Testing,,,

I haven't yet come into contact with Linux-targeted malware and I don't
think there's much of it (if any) out there.

But just to make the point of my previous post clear once more: the
fact(?) that *today* there's almost no danger of getting an email with
Linux malware  attached should *not* lead to the conclusion "Hey, I'm on
Linux! I'm safe! I run everything that doesn't escape my mouse pointer
in time!".
It surely will take a long time until there also are a gazillion of
viruses, worms etc. for Linux as there are for Windows. But there's need
for a gazillion. *One* *single* piece of malware you blindly execute
because you're oh so safe might trash your data, empty your bank account
or whatever.
No-one knows when some guy gets the idea that it might be fun and worth
the effort to write something that destroys the home directory of a
Linux user and spread it via mail or put it on a website and declare it
as "Linux binary" of the latest and greatest game which won't run on
Linux otherwise or ...


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