Andreas Gehrke kubuntu at
Thu Sep 20 16:54:00 UTC 2007

Wulfy schrieb:
> Markus Schönhaber wrote:
>> Especially: installing all security patches doesn't prevent you from
>> clicking on the attachment sent to you via email by some "friendly" guy
>> who tells you something like "Look! I attached a little program that
>> displays a slideshow of nude pics of [insert your favorite celebrity
>> here]. You MUST SEE!!!!".
>> If you execute malware, it has the right to do everything you're allowed
>>  to - like deleting your data, adding a call to start a keylogger to
>> your ~/.bashrc etc. - regardless whether or not the system is up-to-date.
>> It's every user's own responsibility to keep his fingers under control.
> While this is true, I have yet to see any e-mail malware attachments 
> that can run in a Linux environment.  They all seem to be aimed at 
> Windows. 
> Have I just been lucky?  Have you seen any Linux malware?  While it 
> *could* exist, *I* have never seen any, though I've only been using 
> Linux since Sarge was Debian Testing,,,

Propably there really is none malware that is able to run under Linux 
env. But in my opinion that´s only a matter of how popular the target of 
malware is. The main target of malware are Desktop Computers. And that 
is still not the domain of Linux Systems, whether you like it or not.
So what is simpler and most effective to malware developers? To write 
malware that can be run on nearly 80% of the machines that will sooner 
or later recieve it is the only economical answer to that. Plus the 
developer isn´t alone in trying to get malware to victims because 
millions around the world are doing the same. If he choses Linux he have 
to be a imventor which means a lot of work to reach a minimum users. 
Well, if someday i will write the trojan that is going to be to shtudown 
your computer after deleting your HD i would use windows. And if i 
couldn´t reach you but millions of others - well you are lucky and the 
others not. My "fun" would be unchanged good.
Make Linux a 30%+ OS and you will see malware and viruses will become a 
factor on Linux-Desktop-Systems.

Just my 2Cents

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