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sdavmor sdavmor at
Thu Sep 20 15:11:29 UTC 2007

Michael R. Head wrote:
> On Thu, 2007-09-20 at 09:47 -0400, Rick wrote:
>> is there any burner application, that support replaygain tags, when burning
>> a audio cd ???
> You could run mp3gain on the mp3s before burning them.

Which is what I do.  Using that exact app.

>> Otherwise, what the since of burning when you have all these different volume 
>> levels.. when making a audio cd.
>> Please Anyone ?
>> TIA
>> Richard

Alternatively at burn time, levels can be normalized in all top-draw 
name-brand apps I am aware of (i.e. NERO or my favourite professional 
Winblows app CD Architect).  I'd expect most if not all equivilent *nix 
CD burning apps to be able to do the same.  It should be SOP if the 
sources / artists are different.
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