Computer won't restart if turn off!

Darren Mansell darren.mansell at
Thu Sep 20 12:21:26 UTC 2007

On Thu, 2007-09-20 at 08:11 -0400, Ashley Benton wrote:
> Hi, and thank you for your answer.
> I will have a look in the computer to see if the support of the
> motherboard seems ok, and try to start the computer with the original
> DVD next time I shut it off. If none works, I'll unplug everything and
> plug it back one by one to see if it comes from another part of hard
> ware. I have also be told to change the battery so I'll try it too.
> I'll let you know how that goes as soon as it is done. (It is possible
> that I don't do it before a month or so except if the computer is shut
> off by accident) 
> Thank you for your answer
> Megan

It sounds to me more like an ACPI issue. Can you try booting Ubuntu with
"acpi=off noapic " appended to the boot parameters then try it?

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