Computer won't restart if turn off!

Doug Rintoul courtjestr at
Wed Sep 19 15:54:19 UTC 2007

Marc Rios wrote:
> What you says seems to be hardware problem... try to check it with 
> memtest86...
I doubt that Megan's problem is with memory. It is possibly the power 
supply in the computer or more likely some capacitors on the motherboard 
are defective. I have seen these symptoms many times when the capacitors 
on the motherboard break down and start leaking.

Megan, when you said you needed to change the power supply, did you mean 
that you plugged it into a different socket or that you removed the 
power supply from the computer and put in a new one? At any rate, I 
think you are going to need a hardware guru look at your system. These 
symptoms would not be caused by a virus or any software problem.


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