open windows in new tabs (Firefox)

Edgars Šmits ed.smits at
Wed Sep 19 06:51:32 UTC 2007

I've had the same problem a few times when rebuilding my laptop, even
when I'm using the same profile. My solution is to open Firefox, set
it to open a new window, apply it and close Firefox, then reopen
Firefox and set it to tab instead, apply and test. So far that's never
failed to fix the problem.



On 9/19/07, David Vincent <dvincent at> wrote:
> Matt Morgan wrote:
> > Since switching to Ubuntu (from Fedora), I've found that Firefox is a
> > lot more likely not to follow my instruction to "Open Windows in new
> > Tabs." I get a lot of new windows opening.
> >
> > I pretty much never want a new window to open. I want things in tabs.
> > How can I make that happen?
> Did you copy over your profile from the Fedora machine?  Sometimes that
> doesn't work properly, perhaps trying with a fresh Firefox profile?
> -d

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