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Tue Sep 18 06:08:05 UTC 2007

On Mon, Sep 17, 2007 11:12:17 AM -0300, Derek Broughton
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> Not so.  The majority of computer use is still corporate, and
> corporations _do_ see a value in having access to source code

Often, yes. Just as often, instead, corporate users, and even more
Public Administrations, place high value, at least nominally, in not
being locked to one single supplier: something subtly, but deeply
different, which doesn't intrinsically imply FOSS. And as you yourself
remembered, having access to source code doesnt' necessarily mean it's
Free as in Freedom.

Apart from this, this specific discussion was born about the needs and
expectations of single end users, and it would be great (if I may
suggest it) if it remains focused on how to convince _them_ : this is
crucial because all such users _vote_ and they are so many. As I
usually say, today the quality of your life heavily depends on how
software is used around you. Even if you do NOT personally use a

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