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Richard Bennett richard.bennett at
Mon Sep 17 13:24:24 UTC 2007

On Mon, 17 Sep 2007 14:43:10 +0200, Tim M <southern.tim at> wrote:

> I totally agree with Scott. I am running Ubuntu 7.04 and don't even have  
> a
> full gig of RAM. This machine is three years old and I installed Ubuntu  
> in
> early August after buying another hard drive for it. I have had few  
> problems
> with either the computer or Ubuntu.
> Tim

There's three points:
1) Sure, I'm using a 4 year old Dell now myself that works fine, you don't  
*need* a barebones for $1450 to run Ubuntu.

2) The Barebones one for $1450 is a 12,1" ultraportable, they are always a  
little more expensive than the regular sized ones. The smallest one Dell  
seem to have currently is a 13,3", and the price starts from $1,499 ($1923  
when configured to the same specs), so even purely financially it's not a  
bad deal.

3) One's priorities change. Buying the ultraportable is an extra luxury  
for me anyway, I already have 2 or 3 laptops, and for me there were 2  
important factors, it had to be as small as possible, and I didn't want to  
give my money to a company that colluded with Microsoft (or Apple) by  
bundeling Windows (or OSX) on their machines. When I bought the Dell I'm  
typing on now I wanted a good, cheap laptop fast, now I prefer to be  
selective in who I buy from and am prepared to wait a little longer, and  
pay a little more, if needed.



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