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Jimmy Wu jimmywu013 at
Sun Sep 16 21:17:55 UTC 2007

On 9/16/07, Steve Lamb <grey at> wrote:
> Derek Broughton wrote:
> >> Yeah, and that's sad. All the completely free distros will still have
> >> problems with the resulting laptop.
> > Why?  Do you think that because Ubuntu ships with some restricted
> drivers,
> > Lenovo will build a machine that uses them (it may...)?  Ubuntu can
> still
> > be used to create a _completely_ free desktop environment, so your
> > statement is at best unproven.
>     Completely free except for any proprietary drivers needed to make the
> laptop's various parts functional.  The many, many sites dedicated to
> linux
> laptop compatibility and installation pretty much supports his statement.

That's why I voted for "Anyone that refuses to carry binary-only drivers, so
that all others will also benefit, as it will require documented hardware"
I still support Ubuntu all the way though
Just my two cents
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