email clients

James Takac p3nndrag0n at
Sun Sep 16 11:31:58 UTC 2007

On Sunday 16 September 2007 20:58:48 Nigel Wilkinson wrote:
> > Sylpheed Claws was the client I used before kmail. I changed back
> > then cuz sylpheed kept crashing when trying to download certain
> > emails. It's been about a year since I tried that so maybe they've
> > improved it since then
> I've been using Claws Mail 3 as available from
> and am very happy with it and have had no problems at all
> Cheers
> Nigel

Hi Nigel

maybe it's been improved somewhat since then. I know that apart from the 
crashes it was my prefered client back then as it was closest to what I 
sought in a client. Maybe I'll try it again


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