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Alex Janssen alex at
Sun Sep 16 04:33:00 UTC 2007

Brian Fahrlander said the following on 09/15/2007 04:59 PM:
>     Interesting how people can hate something that's good for them, huh?
We don't know until it's proven to us.
>      Just curious; was it attempting to do "wyse60"? There's a tool that 
> runs, under the terminal, that will translate all those codes, and does 
> a really good job, too.  I noticed it at a failed installation a while 
> ago. (It wouldn't have failed if I'd actually been a PART of the design, 
> instead of the afterthought...)
SCO console.
>      There are a TON of SCO situations where, since the company's going 
> under, we could take their place; it's not 1-to-1, but so very close 
> it's not funny.  It not like, translating a Windows/Mac/etc program from 
> fresh.  Most of the time those programs are stuck with serial lines for 
> printers, completely oblivious to the lp program since....1980?
My accounting system, OSAS, is available, for the past several years, on 
>      THIS is a good plan...cause they really *don't* care, as long as 
> the apps are supported. In one case in Chicago. I took the least 
> computer savvy person I could find, in accounting, and set'er up on 
> Linux.  With telnet/etc for the main app (which was SCO) and a VMWare 
> instance to replace a special program she had, she was actually DEFINANT 
> in keeping it- she loved it.  And when the other machines were hit with 
> slammer/sobig/mailissa, etc, she was able to smile.
Once they start using it, it's like anything else, they realize it 
doesn't hurt.
>    As much as I'd LOVE to hear more about this, yeah, it's probably 
> best done in sounder.
>     Does anyone have the URL for that mailing list?  I might try it for 
> a while...
I found it. - sounder at
Posted there.

This is great!

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