restoring default ownerships/permissions: was networking prob

James Takac p3nndrag0n at
Sat Sep 15 12:18:21 UTC 2007

Hi Guys

Seems I messed up a lil on one of my pc's. It appears I messed up the 
ownerships and permissions right across the board on one out of four systems 
at home. I believe the situation to be recoverable without a reinstall. I 
think I originally messed up installing a 2nd hard drive. Everything appeared 
fine until I noticed I couldn't get one system to get an address from the 
router. I believe the orginal prob was caused by


however I thought maybe trying to return the root partion to root ownship and 
perissions,  i.e. the above but root in place of username which appears to 
have meseed it up a lil further

So from what I gather at the moment I need to reset all the 
ownerships/permissions bach to the originals or defaults as the cases may be. 
As I have more than one system, I can compare if it makes it easier for those 
who'll try to help.


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