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debian debiani386 at
Sat Sep 15 01:58:28 UTC 2007

Pete Holsberg wrote:
> After trying Kubuntu, Xubuntu and PClinuxOS, I installed Ubuntu 7.04 
> today.
> The only glitch was that it wouldn't connect via wireless until I 
> disabled the (unused) Ethernet device.
> And gnome-pilot seems to work by using usb: instead of /dev/pilot!!
> U*u is the only distro that permits me to desensitize my trackball 
> enough. Yay!!
> So far, so good.
> -- 
> Pete Holsberg
> Columbus, NJ
> Patriotism is supporting your country at all times, and your 
> government when it deserves it.
> --Mark Twain
Regular ubuntu is much more stable, and, imho, much more better then 

im forced to use kubuntu because my wireless drivers were built around 
the kde  (these drivers are very old and they havent been updated, i 
cant get it to work with teh ndiswrapper, and they were released in 
2006...not unless somebody got rndis to work on ubuntu 7.04.......).

my kde hasnt given me any problems (because im using lxp, which is 
basically ice with a face lift), except that arts kinda crashes after a 
few times and some of my settings dont save (and im not exaggerating).

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