Crazy sudden NFS problems.

Tom Eastman tom at
Fri Sep 14 11:21:50 UTC 2007

Please, PLEASE help me, I've driven myself crazy the last few hours 
trying to fix this.

Yesterday, my NFS mounts worked perfectly.  Today, they don't.

My NFS client (Feisty) cannot mount stuff from my NFS server (Dapper).

Waits about 45 seconds after the mount request, and I get:

> tom at typhon:/net$ sudo mount public
> mount: RPC: Timed out

Now, that part of this that's *weird* is that, this is what I see in my 
server logs:

Sep 14 23:16:38 localhost mountd[7556]: authenticated mount request from 
typhon.local:803 for /stor1/public (/stor1/public)

That seems to imply *success*, but this message doesn't show up in my 
log until about 15 seconds AFTER the client has timed out!

Up until yesterday, the mounts were instant, and reliable.  I have NO 
IDEA what could have changed in that time!  :-(

I've spent hours playing with portmap, nfs-kernel-server 
nfs-user-server, uninstalling reinstalling reonfigurge 
purging&reinstalling etc.  I can't take it anymore!!!

My server can mount it's own NFS shares.

My client can host NFS shares and mount them (through localhost)

My server can even mount shares hosted on my client!

But I *CAN'T* do the one thing I need to do, mount the server shares on 
my client!

I'm not running a firewall on either box.

Any opinions?  It's driving me CRAZY!!!  CRAZY I TELL YOU!!!



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