Application Question

Eberhard Roloff tuxebi at
Thu Sep 13 10:26:12 UTC 2007

Hi Gunawan,

Gunawan wrote:
> Hi,
> Again this is me.
wellcome again!

 Just want to know.

> GIMP = Photoshop
no, just similar in regard to features

> OpenOffice = MS Office
no, just similar in regard to features

> How about
> CorelDraw, 
That depends.
Imho there is no such "one hammer for any nail" application like this
around in Linux. But there certainly are equivalents and alternatives
for anything you want to do.
So, exactly what do you want to achieve with the corel equivalent?

none, for light CAD usage there is qcad and there are a few commercial
cad packages available, not always cheap, just like AutoCAD is not
cheap, either. ;-))

and MYOB?
again, this depends on your needs. Just google for "+linux +accounting


> Regards,
> Gun

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