Evolution or Thunderbird

Rashkae ubuntu at tigershaunt.com
Wed Sep 12 21:09:06 UTC 2007

Michael R. Head wrote:

> Does TBird still require users to subscribe to every folder on the IMAP
> server that they want to see? 

That is part and parcel of every IMAP client.  Your IMAP subscriptions 
is part of your IMAP account stored on the IMAP server.  Thunderbird 
(and most e-mail clients) will automatically subscribe you to any 
folders you create from within the program.  You can easily subscribe to 
additional folders by right clicking on the Account from the Folders 
tree and selecting "Subscriptions..." from the drop down menu.

> Does it have persistent search folders?

Yes, but this wasn't working well for IMAP folders on my old copy of 
Tbird, I haven't gotten around to testing newer builds.. I use Evolution 
when I need to do stuff like this :)

> Also, does it have a "automatically check for new mail in all folders"
> option yet?

Not that I'm aware of :(

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