Evolution or Thunderbird

Steve Lamb grey at dmiyu.org
Wed Sep 12 08:51:53 UTC 2007

On Wed, 2007-09-12 at 18:37 +1000, Peter Garrett wrote:
> I am using Sylpheed here, and it does IMAPS fine - I'm surprised that
> kmail and Sylpheed-Claws aren't working for you...

    Well, the IMAPS complaint was for Evolution.  Of course I find a
Windows version and wouldn't you know it, IMAPS works fine.  Of course
can I find a way to thread the message index?  Not readily.  Meh.

    Claws and KMail was a different problem.  Since I use multiple
clients from multiple different machines I do not find it acceptable
that the client require any mail to be stored locally.  That includes
drafts, sentmail and trash folders.  The last time I tried, which I
admit was months ago, I was not readily able to get either KMail or
Claws to store those folders on my IMAP server.  TBird can do it and
Squirrelmail can do it.  Evolution I think could do it but not securely
the last time I checked.

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