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Simon Royal mail at simonroyal.co.uk
Wed Sep 12 06:38:24 UTC 2007

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On Sep 12 2007, debian wrote:

Simon Royal wrote:
> Hi
> I am attempting to install Ubuntu 6 on my PowerBook Titanium 400Mhz 
> with 1GB of RAM.
> I have a 60GB drive installed with the following partitions:
> 39GB - Tiger
> 03GB - OS9
> 08GB - Panther
> I have 5GB of free space, of which I had split into two further 
> partitions a 4GB (for the system) and a 1GB (for the swap).
> I boot from the CD and click the install icon on the desktop. I choose 
> to manually select partitions, set the "/" for the 4GB and the "/swap" 
> for the 1GB and I tell it to reformat these partitions. About 15% the 
> way through installation I get an error message 'No NewWorld boot 
> partition found'.
> What am I doing wrong, can anyone help?
> I tried this about a year ago on my PowerBook G3, dual booting with 
> Ubuntu/Tiger and it worked fine. Tiger was installed first and it 
> booted fine using LILO between the two. But my G4 is proving a little 
> troublesome.
> Regards
> Simon Royal
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> binary and those who don't
please be a bit more specific on what version of ubuntu 6.xx your 
talking about (theres a 6.06 and a 6.10).

furthermore, why ubuntu 6.xx? when they have ubuntu 7.04 released for 

the powerpc iso: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ports/releases/7.04/release/



Thanks for pointing out version 7. I thought Ubuntu had dropped PPC support 
from 6 onwards.

Late last night I managed to get 6 installed. If I simply deleted the 4GB 
and 1GB partitions and let the Ubunutu partition create new ones using all 
available free space it worked.


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