GNOME launchers execute twice on double-click from Nautilus?

James Takac p3nndrag0n at
Tue Sep 11 23:56:19 UTC 2007

On Wednesday 12 September 2007 00:48:02 Joe Holloway wrote:
> When I double-click to activate a launcher from within Nautilus, it
> frequently launches the application twice.  I've reduced the equation
> by creating a dummy launcher that just executes a "sleep 3".  Here's
> what I've found:
> If I double-click on a launcher sitting on my desktop (outside of
> Nautilus), it always behaves as expected and launches once.  The same
> if I highlight the launcher on my Desktop and press "Enter".
> However, if I navigate to the launcher sitting in /home/joe/Desktop
> (or anywhere else in the file system) using Nautilus and double-click,
> about 1/3 of the time it launches two terminal windows instead of one.
>  If I highlight the launcher and press "Enter", it always behaves as
> expected and launches once.
> I suspect this is a bug in Nautilus, but I couldn't find the right
> combination of keywords to score a hit.    Is there anyone in
> ubuntu-users land that can confirm this behavior?
> Thanks,
> Joe

HI Joe

Per chance have you set things up to lauch on a single click? That would 
lickly account for the double launch on a double click, i.e. one launch per 
single click. Open up nautilus or a folder window as they're the same and 
click on edit --> preferences --> behaviour

Look to see if you're set to single or double click to activate items. If 
you're set to single click, then that would account for what you're seeing


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