Evolution or Thunderbird

Wade Smart wade at wadesmart.com
Tue Sep 11 21:06:22 UTC 2007

09112007 1605 GMT-6 DST

Ok. I got it now. I just have to get all my emails straight so I have 
everyones email. See, I learn something new all the time.



Wade Smart wrote:
> 09112007 1558 GMT-6 DST
> I do feel a bit stupid. I never right clicked there.
> Ok. I have 80 email address to get into several categories.
> I tried drag and drop. I tried right click to see if there as add to 
> list. Do you have to add them all manually?
> Wade
> Rashkae wrote:
>> Wade Smart wrote:
>>> 09112007 1511 GMT-6 DST
>>> I used Evolution for a while. I like it except after a while it seems to
>>> take forever to switch between the mail and calender feature. It seems
>>> to become memory hungry. I used Thunderbird for a very long time on
>>> Windows and am using it again. I found its much better at junk mail
>>> handling than Evolution. Unfortunately it doesn't do lists so its a
>>> problem when I need to send a email to my soccer club and I have to add
>>> all 80 people in by hand. 
>> I hope this won't make you feel terribly stupid, but from the main 
>> Thunderbird Window, click Address Book button, then click New List

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