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Tue Sep 11 19:11:16 UTC 2007

Raful Mr Mitchell H wrote:
> Help!  I upgraded to Feisty-Fawn and the latest libsnmp-perl module is broken in Net-SNMP. How can I upgrade these packages if they are not "officially" in the repository?

   In what way is it 'broken', the diagnostic related to the packages?
Keep in mind that, if you HAVE to, you can use the "perl -M CPAN" method
to keep those features, since the .deb is just a more user-friendly way
to add them.

   I'm one of the guys that uses SNMP, even when it's not
business-related; I can help you with this, and offer you alternatives
and such.

   Are you aware that the simplest snmpd.conf is "rocommunity public"
and nothing else?  (Handy bit of info, when you're fighting a howto's

   Drop me a line if you get stuck, though I'm using snmp here, on
Feisty. Could it be that these packages are in Universe or elsewhere?

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