Mutt Basic Issues-Multiple Fetches(Repeats)

Leonard Chatagnier lenc5570 at
Tue Sep 11 16:00:56 UTC 2007

Gavin Costello wrote:
> On 11-09-2007 09.11, Leonard Chatagnier wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> Thanks to the list, have made some progress in setting up Mutt using 
>> Fetchyahoo and Postfix's sendmail(I think).  Besides not successfully 
>> being able to send mail yet, I have this annoying problem with 
>> downloading multiple copies of mail that is not even on the Yahoo mail 
>> server(seems impossible, doesn't it). I have deleted all this repeat 
>> mail, everything on Mutt, most all on Yahoo web mail via firefox except 
>> what wanting to keep and same on thunderbird, but the repeat mail keeps 
>> coming back on Mutt.  I talking some 20Meg to 50Meg of mail that shows 
>> up in Mutt, but not on Thunderbird or the Yahoo web mail site using 
>> firefox. There are some 10 to 50 repeats of the same mail item that 
>> shows up in Mutt.
>> Would appreciate if someone could tell me just what entry in Muttrc, 
>> fetchyahoo or postfix config files is causing this issue so I can fix it.
>> I've set up Mutt to download all web mail folders which may be causative 
>> since the trash folder would contain the deleted files but I can't 
>> figure out why the multiple copies. Thunderbird is also set up with some 
>> but not all of the web mail folders. And in one or more of the conf 
>> files was set to download inbox, sent, bulk, trash, other folders.
>> I don't mind the additional folder being download(and know how to fix) 
>> but the repeat mail is driving me crazy.
>> I also get random, spontaneous messages on the konsole window that 
>> opened and closed mutt on which seems like some message output related 
>> to web mail. The output is volumous and not included: however one small 
>> part appears to be a scheduled fetchyahoo checking for mail and swows a 
>> message list downloaded.
>> Can someone please give me a clue as to what configuration file and line 
>> entry is causing all this.  Googling for "duplicate, repeat and multiple 
>> copies of email in mutt gave nothing and forums search also yielded 
>> nothing related.
> ---end quoted text---
> Hi Leonard,
> What is the value of no-delete in your .fetchyahoorc?
> It should be 0 to delete read mails from the server.
> HTH,
> Gavin.
Thanks Gavin,
I had set no-delete to one intentionally to leave copies on server
until I delete them.  If this is causing the problem, how do I leave 
messages on server until I specifically delete them on Yahoo web mail, 
Thunderbird or mutt, which doesn't seem to work? There are some old 
messages that I want to keep
indefinitely so how can I accomplish it otherwise?
Thanks for the reply,
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