Mutt Basic Issues-Multiple Fetches(Repeats)

Leonard Chatagnier lenc5570 at
Tue Sep 11 14:11:49 UTC 2007

Hi All,
Thanks to the list, have made some progress in setting up Mutt using 
Fetchyahoo and Postfix's sendmail(I think).  Besides not successfully 
being able to send mail yet, I have this annoying problem with 
downloading multiple copies of mail that is not even on the Yahoo mail 
server(seems impossible, doesn't it). I have deleted all this repeat 
mail, everything on Mutt, most all on Yahoo web mail via firefox except 
what wanting to keep and same on thunderbird, but the repeat mail keeps 
coming back on Mutt.  I talking some 20Meg to 50Meg of mail that shows 
up in Mutt, but not on Thunderbird or the Yahoo web mail site using 
firefox. There are some 10 to 50 repeats of the same mail item that 
shows up in Mutt.
Would appreciate if someone could tell me just what entry in Muttrc, 
fetchyahoo or postfix config files is causing this issue so I can fix it.
I've set up Mutt to download all web mail folders which may be causative 
since the trash folder would contain the deleted files but I can't 
figure out why the multiple copies. Thunderbird is also set up with some 
but not all of the web mail folders. And in one or more of the conf 
files was set to download inbox, sent, bulk, trash, other folders.
I don't mind the additional folder being download(and know how to fix) 
but the repeat mail is driving me crazy.
I also get random, spontaneous messages on the konsole window that 
opened and closed mutt on which seems like some message output related 
to web mail. The output is volumous and not included: however one small 
part appears to be a scheduled fetchyahoo checking for mail and swows a 
message list downloaded.
Can someone please give me a clue as to what configuration file and line 
entry is causing all this.  Googling for "duplicate, repeat and multiple 
copies of email in mutt gave nothing and forums search also yielded 
nothing related.

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