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Tue Sep 11 11:02:55 UTC 2007

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Gunawan wrote:
> Hi all,
> I believe that ubuntu using gnome.
> I have a few questions to ask.
> 1. I think gnome binary/program save on /usr/bin folder, is that correct?
Generally speaking, yes.
> 2. Can I make ubuntu boot to textmode or command line rather than to
> graphical user interface?
Yes.  Use a tool such as sysv-rc-conf (text) or BUM (graphical), and
simply remove GDM from the relevant runlevel (2 is default; you could
also leave 2 alone and edit 3, and add an entry to your Grub menu,
which resides at /boot/grub/menu.lst).
> 3. Can I call gnome from the command line where I think gnome is just a
> program, desktop environment program?
Yes...but I'm not sure of the specifics for Gnome alone.  However, you
can load GDM which will in turn load Gnome, using 'sudo invoke-rc.d
gdm start'.
> 4. In windows, Windows 3.x family we can call windows by issue C:\>win,
> I make ubuntu like this?
>     go to desktop environment in need?
See #3.
> 5. I would like to try install xfce on my ubuntu just for study, can I do
> that?
Yes.  Either install the xfce4 package (for just xfce) or
xubuntu-desktop (for xfce and accompanying programs/utilities).  You
can do this through your package management frontend of choice.
> 6. If I extract xfce tar ball on /tmp folder, can I delete them after
> instalation?
You can do what you want here, but /tmp is not the place for it.
Consider /opt, or possibly /usr/local.  You can also use the package
methods above instead of compiling it all yourself (this would be much
easier), and just remove the packages if you desire.
> 7. What is XServer and what XServer do?
Basically, it's the foundational graphics system, which every other
graphical thing, from desktop environments like Gnome and XFCE to each
application (such as Gedit or Firefox), to on-screen displays and
notifications must run on top of.
> Thank you.
> I am new to Linux and Ubuntu and just try to study them.
> A lot of think to learn :)
> Regards,
> Gun

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