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Mon Sep 10 21:06:46 UTC 2007

Hi Minor,

Unlike Windows, linux uses a dedicated partition for it's swap area and 
I suspect it's the same issue which prevented you from creating a swap 
area during the install.  You can, however, still create a partition 
using the (linux) fdisk utility (much more powerful than it's Windows 
equivalent).  Get to a command shell and try the following:

sudo fdisk /dev/sda (or /dev/hda for an ide HD) --> enter sudo password
within fdisk --> type p to print (see) partition table

If space allows you can create a swap partition, as follows:
n (new partition) --> p (primary) --> +1G (or whatever size you prefer, 
normally 2x RAM)
t (toggle partition type) -->  82 (swap)
w (write changes to disk)

Done. I suspect, however, you will receive an error message when you 
type n (new), due to your partition table being full (i.e. already 
containing 4 entries).  If you prefer to keep all your existing 
partitions, you can run without swap, especially if you have plenty of RAM.

Best Regards,


miner wrote:
> Success. Thanks Bill you were on the right track. I had 2 active 
> partitions and an extended one with 2 logical ones inside. Following 
> your note, I formatted the second active partition and then did not 
> have any problems installing Ubuntu.
> A small hitch though as for some reason I was not given an option to 
> select a swap partition but I went ahead with the install. Everything 
> works well, Windows included although it does not label the Ubuntu 
> partition calling it "healthy unknown partition". This is probably 
> normal in this situation and besides I know what it is.
> Now it is the Ubuntu learning process for me. Is it possible to add a 
> swap partition now?
> Many, many thanks.
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>     If all four are primary partitions then you've hit the limit set
>     in your hard disk's MBR.  Any individual hard disk only has enough
>     space in it's partition table (stored in the MBR) for four
>     entries. Each primary partition takes up one entry. An extended
>     partition also takes up one entry, but may be further sub-divided
>     into logical drive (but this information is stored within the
>     extended partition itself).
>     The above limit exists regardless of operating system, therefore
>     this is not an ubuntu issue per say.  The easiest solution would
>     be to free up (i.e use/overwrite) one of your four partitions. 
>     Provided you don't choose your XP partition, XP should be fine.
>     Regards
>     Bill
>     miner wrote:
>>     My system is Windows XP with 4 partitions...25 GB for drive C
>>     which contains all my programs and the rest divided evenly.
>>     When installing Ubuntu 7.04 from a live CD I run into a block
>>     when I get a warning "No root file system defined. Please correct
>>     from partition menu"
>>     I get this warning regardless whether I use the automatic or
>>     manual install. I would prefer the manual method as I could
>>     direct the install into the partition I want. Under automatic
>>     install the installer chooses one of my larger partitions which
>>     would be fine provided I do not wipe out Drive C which contains
>>     Windows.
>>     How do I overcome this block. There were several options in the
>>     drop down menu but none of them solved the problem. How and where
>>     do I define the files system.
>>     Any help will be appreciated. 
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