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Christopher Gray chris at
Mon Sep 10 06:01:54 UTC 2007


I'd like to ask what is a good document from which to learn about how software 
is started on Ubuntu.

Here are the kinds of things I'm wondering and would like to read more to 

I have been told that placing a line in rcS like


will cause that shell script to be executed.  This seems to work.

However, I have created such scripts in /etc/init.d and then found them linked 
into a different directory in a filename that contains a number that seems to 
suggest the order in which that file would execute.  However, I have never 
executed a link command or assigned a number in some other way.  How did this 
link get created?  There seems to be some sort of automated trigger I don't 

If I've got such a numbered file in the link directory, how do I change that 
number in case I wish this program executed earlier or later in the execution 

Any pointers to doc or specific information will be appreciated.  The more basic 
the better <smile>.



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