The best Control Panel for web hosting...

Blaž Repas linux at
Sun Sep 9 08:50:26 UTC 2007

Davide Corio pravi:
> Il giorno dom, 09/09/2007 alle 01.17 +0200, Blaž Repas ha scritto:
>> What is the best control panel for multiple domain hosting?
>> I have tried ISPConfig and it has a bad thing ( no users with same 
>> username for multiple domains..). So I was wondering if any of you guys 
>> know of any other good control panel that is certfied to work with ubuntu..
> Hi,
> i use IspCP (, a fork of VHCS, on all of my
> hosting servers. it is quite stable and it has an active community.
But, does it enable using the same username for two or more domains?
And, (your opinion) if it is better then ISP config?


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